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TAA Reviews: Oxenfree - Xbox One

Between Oxenfree and last year’s Until Dawn, it is a good time for narrative focused horror games. I’m realizing in this moment that I haven’t posted a top 10 2015 games list yet, and I will, but in the meantime I can confirm Until Dawn has a firm spot on that list. It’s only a few months later and we’ve already been given another solid horror title. That seems rare. Is that rare? Seems rare.

Just how good is Oxenfree? Good enough that it inspired me to write my first video game review on this site in like 18 months.

October's Daily Horror Dose 4: Retaliation- Day #19 - The Pyramid

The Pyramid had an incredibly strange release last December. I remember being interested in the movie based solely on the poster (which is the banner image above, pretty rad right?) but I didn’t see any advertisements for it anywhere. No commercials, no trailers, nothing. Days before release I still hadn’t seen any semblance of promotion for it except for a handful of things online. Then it came out and didn’t play at a single theatre in Canada. I think that’s the first time a horror movie has pulled that nonsense. At first I was upset but then critics and audiences all hated it and it made no money. So I felt better about it. Plus the trailer I did seek out pulled that “here’s people in a theatre being way scared!” nonsense. Then I actually the movie and you guys…The Pyramid is pretty rad.

October's Daily Horror Dose 4: Retaliation- Day #18 - The Gallows

For reasons I am no longer clear on at all, I wanted to see The Gallows when it was in theatres this Summer. I went back just now and watched the trailer and I have absolutely no clue what I saw in this originally. It looks like a painfully generic found footage movie. Nothing special. Thankfully it was out of theatres so fast I never got the chance to see it. I can’t imagine a scenario where I watched this without the ability to make the Playstation 4 run it at 1.5x speed to get it over with faster.

October's Daily Horror Dose 4: Retaliation- Day #17 - The Green Inferno

Originally I was going to watch The Green Inferno straight after Knock, Knock so I could really entrench myself in the world of 2015 Eli Roth movies (though apparently this was actually completed in 2013).The trip to see Crimson Peak ended up getting in the way of that and it’s likely for the best as watching these movies back to back would have bummed me out on Roth pretty hard.

October's Daily Horror Dose 4: Retaliation- Day #16 - Crimson Peak

I will watch any movie Guillermo Del Toro releases. I’ve enjoyed I believe everything he has directed, to varying degrees. The amount of detail and attention he gives to every single frame of his movies is remarkable. Seriously, watch the bonus features on some of his DVDs and you will be stunned at the amount of effort he puts into his work. His movies never seem to make as much money as I feel they deserve so I always make the effort to get out there and see them. This made Crimson Peak a must see and while I wouldn’t put it amongst his best, it certainly doesn’t ruin his streak in my eyes.

October's Daily Horror Dose 4: Retaliation- Day #15 - Knock, Knock

I don’t think I realized just how long it has been since Eli Roth directed a movie. He had Hostel 2 in 2007, and then a huge gap before 2015 saw the release of Knock, Knock and The Green Inferno (which was actually completed in I believe 2013). I have mixed feelings on Roth. I saw Cabin Fever and both Hostels and found all of them to be ok. Tonally they are all insane and all over the place, but I found enough to like in each movie that I could give them a passing recommendation. Knock, Knock may not get that same courtesy.

October's Daily Horror Dose 4: Retaliation- Day #14 - Scream Season 1

Originally I was only going to review the pilot of Scream and count it as a day’s review. Instead, I went the extra mile and am now going to discuss the entire first season of Scream. It’s not very good! I could stop there but I do indeed have some more things to say about this one.

October's Daily Horror Dose 4: Retaliation- Day #13 - Zombeavers

Originally Zombeavers was going to come right after Cooties but the idea of doing 4 zombie themed movies in a row didn’t sit completely right with me so I had to toss something else into the middle. Now that I got that temporary reprieve, it’s back to the world of zombies. This time we have zombie beavers. Zombeavers. Yep.

October's Daily Horror Dose 4: Retaliation- Day #12 - The Last Man on Earth

Man, usually I’m really good at keeping up with the horror marathons. Stupid life obligations. I’m going to have a lot of catching up to do this weekend it would seem.

Last Man on Earth is both a decent comedy on FOX and a classic Vincent Price movie that is part of my barely touched Vincent Price Collection Volume 2 blu ray set. I think I dove into it briefly last year for the 2014 marathon and now this gave me a reason to go back and feel a smidge better about all of the money I spent on that collection that sits unused on a shelf.

October's Daily Horror Dose 4: Retaliation- Day #11 - Cooties

More zombies! I swear I’m not planning this. Cooties just happened to be the rare horror movie that I was able to convince my wife we should watch and when that happens, you don’t delay. You act immediately before minds are changed.

At the very least, Cooties offers an original take on the zombie genre. Here we have Dawn of the Dead inside an elementary school. Contaminated chicken nuggets have caused the children to turn into flesh eating zombies and the teachers have to fight back in order to get out of the school. It’s a very simple premise, but that one that either sells you immediately, or ensures you will never set foot anywhere near this movie. I was all the way in.

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