Flippin' Through Franchises: Tremors

You know, I can’t believe they haven’t tried to reboot the Tremors franchise yet. I haven’t even heard them talk about it in passing. There are clearly fans as they made four movies and a TV show and people definitely know the name. I’m not saying I want a reboot, I’m just blown away that we haven’t had one thrust upon us yet. Perhaps this is the one occasion where they realize there is no point as the original is still really damn good.

Or I should have just looked into this more and saw that this is happening - http://sciencefiction.com/2014/08/02/michael-gross-set-return-tremors-5/. A reboot that is also being counted as a sequel? God damn it Tremors, you got your shit together don’t you?

Movie Review: Leprechaun Origins

I…what….I…who the fuck is this movie for? Seriously, I don’t get it. Why did they make this? Every now and then a movie comes along whose existence is just confusing and this is one of the better examples in recent times. There were so many opportunities along the way to not do this and yet they made it across the finish line and Leprechaun Origins is an existing product. And I watched it. I…everything about this is so puzzling.

Are They Worth It? The DVD's of the Internet #24 - Angry Video Game Nerd Volume 5

With the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie now widely available for anyone to watch, it feels like I should continue my reviews of the DVD sets. Volume 5 is where things start to get interesting. This is when James Rolfe had started to become burnt out on doing 2 episodes a month and instead cut his output down to 1 per month. I remember people were unnaturally angry about this and that pissed me off. There was lots of talk about how viewers were owed more episodes. You’re not owed shit, fuck off. …Anyway so that was happening and as a result Volume 5 contains the fewest number of episodes of any of these DVD sets so far.

Movie Review: Angry Video Game Nerd The Movie

It’s actually kind of insane that we now live in a world where this movie is easily accessible. It has been talked about for literally years but as of this week it’s available on Vimeo on Demand with more platforms potentially coming down the road. Its 5 bucks to rent and 10 bucks to own. I went for own, figured it was more worth it. So after reviewing both of Chris Bores’ movies, there was absolutely no way I wasn’t going to talk about this one.

Cinematic Hard Swings Episode #4 - They Came Together/Date Movie

I can't believe I watched Date Movie for the second time. I hope you people realize the sorts of sacrifices being made to bring you this podcast! I can't get those 75 minutes back! I can't! Science won't allow it! At least it led to about a half hour of pure hatred being unleashed upon its retched soul. Also we talk about They Came Together, a romantic comedy parody that understands both what a parody is and what comedy is, two concepts Date movie fails at spectacularly.

We also go #IntotheStorm and talk about ....Into the Storm. Also The Rock punches a god damn horse and Lucy's science is completely sound. Get in on this!

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Flippin' Through Franchises: Joy Ride 3: Road Kill

Joy Ride is officially a trilogy now. It took about 13 years for it to happen, but it’s a trilogy which is kind of insane to me. Is there anyone out there devoted enough to this franchise to still be interested when it takes this long to pump out sequels? How many people even remember the first movie by this point? Clearly it must have fans I guess. I mean I’m a huge fan of the first movie but even I didn’t need to live in a world where it generated two sequels.

Cinematic Hard Swings Episode #3 - Kramer vs Kramer/Over the Top

I feel the idea of opening each of these episode summaries with an apology for taking so long is a practice you best get used to now. Has this episode been finished for nearly three weeks? Maybe. We can't help it though! Sometimes you get distracted by work and eating cake or I don't know! At least take comfort in knowing that we are 60% confident this episode was absolutely worth the wait. Hang on you know what....make that 62%.

Anyway so the episode itself. Do you like arm wrestling? Do you like custody battles? Of course you do because those two things go together like wine and twinkies. We kick things off with a little bit of talk on the classic Kramer vs Kramer and then move into the loving story of a dad perhaps trying to seduce his own child in the arm wrestling centric Over the Top. Also did I hear terrible Stallone impressions? Ooooo you bet I did!

Also killer dolls. Those are in here too.

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Flippin' Through Franchises: Joy Ride 2

The ending of the first Joy Ride did indeed leave things open to the idea of a sequel but at the time I don’t think I would have guessed that the sequel would be released 7 years later as a straight to DVD release with none of the original cast involved. The only connection to the first movie is that Rusty Nail is still the bad guy only he is no longer voiced by Ted Levine and is no longer frightening as we spend a lot more time with him and it turns out he kinda sucks as a villain.

Shawn's Top 30 Films - #1: Pulp Fiction

Well that took a long time to get through that but here we are at number one! I somehow saw Pulp Fiction for the first time when I was 12-years-old. Despite warnings from my older brother (who loved the movie for the record) that as someone whose cinematic tastes didn't go far beyond Ace Ventura I would hate it and find it boring, I quite enjoyed it. I don’t think I quite understood everything that was happening, particularly events involving butt sex, but I still liked it and have since grown to absolutely love it. To me this is the best damn screenplay ever written. It’s full of insanely quotable dialogue and witty conversations that never come off as forced. Of all the stories being told, there isn’t a weak one in the bunch and everything across the board is perfect to me. I don’t see this one ever being topped.

Cinematic Hard Swings Episode #2 - 8 Mile/Cool As Ice

Sorry we took so long but you can't rush greatness (or I guess in this case, ok-ness) and we are back with the second episode of our movie podcast! This time it's a pair of movies starring white rappers. We kick it off with the story of how Eminem became Eminem, and then we take a trip back to the 90's so we can wonder how on earth we as a society allowed something like Cool as Ice to happen. Pretty sure you can also hear our fan in the background but it's 30 degrees you monsters! You can't expect us to ride through that with no fan! Oh and if you like bad Mark Whalberg impressions then my friend are you ever in for a treat!

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