31 Days of Action: Day 16 - Point Break

Everyone has movies where when you tell someone you haven’t seen them, you get an intense and baffled reaction. “What?! How have you not seen that movie?!” For me it’s far worse as everyone assumes I have seen every movie ever so when I bust out a blank spot in my viewing habits people seem extra confused. Point Break has repeatedly found itself as one of these movies so this marathon was the perfect opportunity to knock this one off the list and finally shut people up about it! I’ve seen it now world! Are you satisfied?!

I haven’t seen The Godfather II. There. Some new fodder for you to work with.

31 Days of Action: Day 15 - 3 Days to Kill

I miss the days when Luc Besson’s name being attached to a movie meant it was something I should be excited to check out. Sadly the days of Leon The Professional, The Fifth Element and Transporter 2 have been replaced by the days of The Family and any number of forgettable action vehicles such as Colombiana and Lockout. Now you can also add 3 Days to Kill to the latter category.

31 Days of Action: Day 14 - Godzilla

I have been excited about this movie ever since the idea of its very existence immerged oh so many years ago now. I am a big monster movie guy, watching just about everything out there (ok except the ScFy and Asylum stuff as it’s important to have limits) and usually finding something to enjoy out of even the worst offerings the sub-genre has to offer. Of course being a fan of these movies isn’t easy these days as outside of the aforementioned “Big Ass Shark vs Giant Fucking Spider Monkey” movies, nobody is really trying to make an actual quality monster flick anymore. It’s been a long while since Cloverfield and of course I enjoyed last year’s Pacific Rim quite a bit, but pickings have still been quite slim. That’s why this one was such a big deal for me as the concept of getting a new Godzilla movie where the filmmakers actually tried to stay true to the classics was insane. I tried not to let my expectations get too nuts but I couldn’t help it and I sat down in the theatre with sky high expectations.

I’m certainly not going to sit here and say it was a perfect movie, but holy shit did I ever walk away from this one happy.

31 Days of Action: Day 13 - Pain & Gain

It’s certainly not a unique view but I am definitely not a huge Michael Bay fan. I agree with many that he is a prick whose movies may make a lot of money but are primarily terrible across the board. They are full of style sure, but they are also full of nonsensical action and grade school level humour. Occasionally he manages to eek out a decent one like The Rock or The Island, and I actually like Bad Boys II in spite of itself, but that’s about it. I know most people only point to the Transformers sequels as being awful but I wasn’t a fan of the first either so to me that whole trilogy is completely disposable, though we’ll see about the fourth one (spoilers – it will also be completely disposable).

With Pain & Gain, he can now add another movie to the “well, that was pretty decent I guess” column.

31 Days of Action: Day 12 - The Newton Boys

The back of the blu ray case for this movie has a quote from a critic saying that this movie is “action packed with a cast to die for.” I agree with the latter half at least. Also the back of the case also says the movie is 102 minutes long, 20 minutes shorter than its actual run time. It could be the most untruthful movie case I have ever encountered.

31 Days of Action: Day 11 - The Specialist

After watching Stallone in a supporting role in Death Race 2000 I decided I wanted to go back and watch one of his starring roles that I had never seen before. It turns out there is plenty to pick from as I am not nearly as up on the man’s filmography as perhaps I thought. It was a toss-up between this, Assassins, Daylight and Judge Dredd but I ultimately chose The Specialist as I already had a copy of it and it felt like the easiest route.

100 minutes later and I was quite sure any of the other three options would have made a far better choice.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ep #10 - The Tale of Jake and the Leprachaun

I remember being very excited when this episode was first going to air because the commercial revealed that one of the main characters was going to be named Shawn and I was eerily psyched about that. Unfortunately the dude spells it “Sean” which is unfortunately the way my name is usually represented so all of that excitement was for naught.

Also this episode isn’t very good, so there’s that working against it as well.

31 Days of Action: Day 10 - Death Race 2000

It’s strange that I’ve never actually seen this one before. I’ve only seen the Jason Statham remake/maybe sequel I don’t remember which, from a few years back. I thought it was decent but obviously it stripped away one of the primary elements the original is known for – the scoring system for murdering innocent pedestrians. I’d always been familiar with the concept due to homages such as the Carmageddon series of PC games, but had never actually watched the movie that birthed it.

31 Days of Action: Day 9 - Damage

Alright the whole marathon thing was delayed due to three straight days of Comic Con and work so I'm going to struggle hard to get caught up and back on track as I am absolutely determined to see this through until the very end!

31 Days of Action: Day 8 - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I wasn’t sure if I was going to count this one as part of the action movie marathon at first but screw it, it’s got plenty of action in it and not-surprisingly, it’s super time consuming to watch 31 movies in a month so if I can get one more day covered out of this one then I am damn sure going to take advantage of that.

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