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October's Daily Horror Dose 3: Reckoning - Day #16 - Grabbers

After putting this movie aside in order to watch Day 6’s Kill List, I was finally ready to return to the world of giant mutant octopus things attacking Ireland, which it turns out is indeed exactly what Grabbers is all about. It’s a very intriguing premise and I’m happy to report that the movie itself makes good on this initial promise.

October's Daily Horror Dose 3: Reckoning - Day #15 - Dracula Prince of Darkness

Yeah I already know that I’m not going to have a whole lot to say about this one. The Hammer monster movies are an area of horror I’ve always meant to dive into further. I believe I saw one of their Frankenstein movies (can’t recall which one now) a few years back and thought it was pretty decent so I’m surprised I didn’t keep going. Anyway I picked this movie up on bluray earlier this year based solely on reading how amazing it was that this film was actually getting a solid bluray release.

I’m not sure I get why people were so excited for this one.

October's Daily Horror Dose 3: Reckoning - Day #14 - X-Ray

I don’t cover nearly enough 80’s slasher movies during these marathons so let’s correct that right now with this oddity from another one of my Scream Factory discs. I find with the slasher genre it’s going to go one of two ways; surprisingly watchable or the worst thing you have ever seen. I tend to mostly end up with the latter so imagine my surprise when X-Ray (or Hospital Massacre as it’s apparently more commonly referred to as) plops itself in the former category, though perhaps with a foot or a leg still lingering in the latter one.

October's Daily Horror Dose 3: Reckoning - Day #13 - Annabelle

I reviewed The Conjuring on here last year and as I’m positive you read that review you know how fond I was of that movie. James Wan, at least until he moved over to the Fast and Furious world, was killing it in the horror genre. I loved both The Conjuring and Insidious (its sequel was merely good) and maintain that Dead Silence is severely underrated (as is Death Sentence which isn’t exactly horror). Sadly Wan is only a producer on this one. Add that to how quickly they pumped this movie out in an effort to keep The Conjuring brand alive and well as they work on the sequel and I didn’t have a lot of hope for this one.

October's Daily Horror Dose 3: Reckoning - Day #12 - King Kong Escapes

King Kong Escapes
is the sort of movie that almost makes me feel like a dick for enjoying it because I know it’s not due to it being a legitimately good movie. Exactly the opposite in fact. I’m mostly enjoying it because of how little of the movie holds up. I’m enjoying the primitive effects and goofy costumes. I’m enjoying the obvious miniatures and dolls that make up much of the practical effects. I suppose the fact that I’m enjoying it at all is what’s important but I still can’t help but feel like a jerk that most of that enjoyment derives from “ha! Look at that cheap effect!”

October's Daily Horror Dose 3: Reckoning - Day #11 - Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

I never actually saw Cabin Fever 2 but I heard enough about it to know I shouldn’t be upset about that fact. Plus with Patient Zero being billed as a prequel/quasi-reboot of the franchise, I figured it was ok to skip straight here. I haven’t seen the first Cabin Fever since it was in theatres but to its credit I certainly remember a lot of the ickier moments. The leg shaving scene stayed with me for a very long time and “pancakes!” was pretty fucking insane so that one has remained stuck in my craw as well.

Outside of maybe one scene, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero is not likely to stay in my memory past the next 24 hours.

October's Daily Horror Dose 3: Reckoning - Day #10 - Bad Milo

Whether or not you want to watch Bad Milo will depend entirely on your reaction to this quick plot synopsis – this movie is about a monster that lives in a dude’s butt and emerges to murder people who are causing him stress and anxiety. When my wife was told that was the plot, and was assured a few times that I wasn’t kidding around about that, she knew pretty quickly that maybe this one wasn’t for her. Me though? I mean how could I ever pass up something like that?

October's Daily Horror Dose 3: Reckoning - Day #9 - The Purge: Anarchy

I covered The Purge as part of last year’s marathon and was not a fan of the movie, really only being impressed with Ethan Hawke as that man can lend credibility to just about any project he’s involved with, no matter how terrible everything that surrounds him may be. It was so strange to me that they had this gimmicky premise (all crime, including murder, is legal across the United States for 12 hours once a year) and then chose to execute it in the most trite way possible by just making another run of the mill home invasion movie with the occasional unique touch.

This year’s sequel, The Purge: Anarchy, showed a lot more potential as the film required moving beyond a single family and following people stuck out on the street while the purge is taking place. Opening up the scope sounded like it should resolve a lot of the original film’s problems. Eh, kind of. It’s certainly a better film but I was surprised to see a lot of the same issues present here, as well as a few new ones to go along with them.

October's Daily Horror Dose 3: Reckoning - Day #8 - Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

You know, I am genuinely not sure why I own a copy of this movie. Sure I’ve watched some of the classic Universal monster movies but I wouldn’t say that I have any particular affinity for them and I am certainly not a huge fan of classic black and white comedies. I also know little to nothing about the characters of Abbott and Costello. So outside of “it was real cheap” I don’t know what possessed me to pick this one up.

After actually sitting down and watching the movie, I don’t at all have a clearer answer for that question.

October's Daily Horror Dose 3: Reckoning - Day #7 - Open Windows

Elijah Wood has had a very strange career hasn’t he? The dude starred in one of the biggest movie franchises of all time and seemingly could have then gone on to do whatever he wanted and what he chose to do is a series of small scale but largely interesting films. I took a look at his remake of Maniac in the first marathon and really enjoyed it, and earlier this year was also surprised by how much I enjoyed Grand Piano. Open Windows looked to be another in the “weird Elijah Wood movies” chain and while it doesn’t compete with those other 2 in terms of quality, it certainly continues the trend of Wood participating in some pretty unique fare. 

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