Flippin' Through Franchises: Joy Ride 3: Road Kill

Joy Ride is officially a trilogy now. It took about 13 years for it to happen, but it’s a trilogy which is kind of insane to me. Is there anyone out there devoted enough to this franchise to still be interested when it takes this long to pump out sequels? How many people even remember the first movie by this point? Clearly it must have fans I guess. I mean I’m a huge fan of the first movie but even I didn’t need to live in a world where it generated two sequels.

Cinematic Hard Swings Episode #3 - Kramer vs Kramer/Over the Top

I feel the idea of opening each of these episode summaries with an apology for taking so long is a practice you best get used to now. Has this episode been finished for nearly three weeks? Maybe. We can't help it though! Sometimes you get distracted by work and eating cake or I don't know! At least take comfort in knowing that we are 60% confident this episode was absolutely worth the wait. Hang on you know what....make that 62%.

Anyway so the episode itself. Do you like arm wrestling? Do you like custody battles? Of course you do because those two things go together like wine and twinkies. We kick things off with a little bit of talk on the classic Kramer vs Kramer and then move into the loving story of a dad perhaps trying to seduce his own child in the arm wrestling centric Over the Top. Also did I hear terrible Stallone impressions? Ooooo you bet I did!

Also killer dolls. Those are in here too.

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Flippin' Through Franchises: Joy Ride 2

The ending of the first Joy Ride did indeed leave things open to the idea of a sequel but at the time I don’t think I would have guessed that the sequel would be released 7 years later as a straight to DVD release with none of the original cast involved. The only connection to the first movie is that Rusty Nail is still the bad guy only he is no longer voiced by Ted Levine and is no longer frightening as we spend a lot more time with him and it turns out he kinda sucks as a villain.

Shawn's Top 30 Films - #1: Pulp Fiction

Well that took a long time to get through that but here we are at number one! I somehow saw Pulp Fiction for the first time when I was 12-years-old. Despite warnings from my older brother (who loved the movie for the record) that as someone whose cinematic tastes didn't go far beyond Ace Ventura I would hate it and find it boring, I quite enjoyed it. I don’t think I quite understood everything that was happening, particularly events involving butt sex, but I still liked it and have since grown to absolutely love it. To me this is the best damn screenplay ever written. It’s full of insanely quotable dialogue and witty conversations that never come off as forced. Of all the stories being told, there isn’t a weak one in the bunch and everything across the board is perfect to me. I don’t see this one ever being topped.

Cinematic Hard Swings Episode #2 - 8 Mile/Cool As Ice

Sorry we took so long but you can't rush greatness (or I guess in this case, ok-ness) and we are back with the second episode of our movie podcast! This time it's a pair of movies starring white rappers. We kick it off with the story of how Eminem became Eminem, and then we take a trip back to the 90's so we can wonder how on earth we as a society allowed something like Cool as Ice to happen. Pretty sure you can also hear our fan in the background but it's 30 degrees you monsters! You can't expect us to ride through that with no fan! Oh and if you like bad Mark Whalberg impressions then my friend are you ever in for a treat!

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Flippin' Through Franchises: Joy Ride

Flipping Through Franchises will be a recurring feature that takes a look at all of the movies contained within a single franchise in chronological order. New, old, we’ll cover all aspects of the spectrum. Also assume that each installment of this will contain thorough spoilers so you have been warned! That will save me from my typing spoiler warnings each and every time, saving precious seconds.

Flippin' Through Franchises: Scream 4

With this we bring a close to the Scream saga! The fourth movie came out in 2011, 11 years after the third movie. I believe it was originally meant to be the first part of a new trilogy but after underperforming in theatres I’m guessing this is indeed the end of the franchise. Even I’m guilty of not going to see it, though in retrospect I have no idea what was stopping me. We watched it on DVD, enjoyed it and again, this is the first time I’ve gone back to it since.

It’s once again no match for the original but it’s certainly the closest a sequel has come yet and it is definitely better than the second and third parts.

Shawn's Top 30 Films - #2: Fight Club

You know, I was able to get into a ridiculous amount of R rated movies in 1999. That was the year some sort of switch flipped and I decided I needed to see every movie coming out ever. By the end of that year, I had become quite good at bartering my way into R rated movies despite being 3 years too young to see them. I know I saw at least a dozen of them but only one truly made an impression – Fight Club. I hadn’t read the book and went in knowing literally nothing except for who the two stars were. It was mind blowing to say the least. The dialogue, the directing, the acting, the story, the twist – it was all incredible and were it not such a hassle to get into restricted movies, I guarantee you this would have been multiple times. I expected time to not be kind to this one but after breaking it back out just a couple weeks ago, it hasn’t lost an ounce of its greatness.

Are They Worth It? The DVD's of the Internet #23 - Screw Attack 8-Bit Glory DVD

As with many of the DVD’s I’ll be covering in this feature, I’ve had this one in my possession for quite some time now. If I remember right it was back when I picked up AVGN Volume 4 that I grabbed this as some sort of pack-in deal. I don’t think I watched a second of it until now though. With like 3 other Screw Attack DVDs next to it on the shelf it felt like the appropriate time to bust out at least one of them and knock it off the list.

Are They Worth It? The DVD's of the Internet #22 - Happy Video Game Nerd Volume 2

I have taken far too long to get to this review. I reviewed the volume 1 DVD of the Happy Video Game Nerd like two and a half years ago now. I was a fan. Not too long after that review the second DVD set was released. I’m very late to the party with this review (as will be the case with a lot of, if not most of these DVD reviews actually) but I am once again, a big fan. In fact, I would say this set solidifies me even more of a fan than even volume 1 did.

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