I Gots Goosebumps Episode 9 - My Hairiest Adventure

I’m writing this introduction before actually sitting down and rewatching this episode but I’m reasonably confident this is one of the Goosebump stories where somebody becomes an animal. I remember one where a guy became a bee, another where at least two people turned into chickens, and I’m sure this one involves a kid turning into a dog. They went to the “dude becomes a _____” well quite often and I don’t remember it working out too well any of those times.

I Gots Goosebumps Episode 8 - Night of the Living Dummy II

What in the hell is the deal with doing the sequel episode before the original?! Again I don’t remember the books so I can’t say whether the second Dummy book was significantly better than the first, but couldn’t they have dropped the two in the title no matter what? I get that’s the book it’s based on but in this format it’s just confusing and looks silly.

Ventriloquist dummies are the worst though so this episode admittedly has some potential.

Also I didn’t know that if you watch several episodes in a row of something on Netflix, it will skip the opening credits for you. The computer brain knows I hate sitting through that shit!

I Gots Goosebumps Episode 7 - The Return of the Mummy

It seems odd to have a “return” episode when the mummy hasn’t even arrived yet.  I know there was a Curse of the Mummy in the book series that came before this so why would they skip immediately to the follow-up? Was it just that much better than the original? I don’t think I even saw this episode as a kid so this will be interesting.

F#$k it, Let's Review More Steve Austin Movies - The Stranger

If you followed my action movie marathon at all then you know one of the biggest surprises for me was Steve Austin. I watched two of his movies – Damage and Maximum Conviction – and came away pretty surprised at how much I enjoyed each one. Damage was a surprisingly effective character piece with some ok action and Maximum Conviction was a fun but dumb piece of nonsense with almost too much action. Now that the marathon is over I still wanted to check out more of his stuff so fuck it, let’s keep right on going! Maximum Conviction came off a 4 movie set I had purchased so I had plenty more material to make my way through. I started with this one as it was the first movie in the set and man, I chose poorly.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ep #12 - The Tale of the Prom Queen

Fun fact – this is the first episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark I ever saw. It came on after another show I had watched and I figured what the hell, may as well check this out. I don’t remember anything about my thoughts on the episode but I guess I must have enjoyed it well enough as I continued to watch the show. Strangely enough I think I remember a lot about the actual plot of the episode, including how it ends. So this could be interesting.

Are They Worth It? The DVD's of the Internet #19 - The Irate Gamer Volume 4

At the end of my DVD review for The Irate Gamer Volume 3 I said that was likely going to be the last Irate Gamer DVD review I would ever write as it had been over two years since the last volumes had been released. Well what do you know, only a short time later and here we are again! This was a pretty exciting one as I had only seen maybe half the episodes before so a lot of it was going to be a mystery. I couldn’t get to it right away because of that damn action movie marathon but I’ve watched it from start to finish and oh man I have some things to say so off we go!

31 Days of Action: Day 31 - District B13

For the final review of this marathon I thought it would be interesting to watch District B13 as one of the first movies at the start, and one of the main reasons I kickstarted this whole thing in the first place, was the remake Brick Mansions. I very rarely see the remake before the original so this move made sense and holy shit. Had I seen this first I would have been waaaaaay less kind to Brick Mansions. As its own movie its ok but as a remake of this? Not so much with the good anymore.

31 Days of Action: Day 30 - Act of Valor

Well here’s one I certainly never expected to be watching for this. I found an out of print steel book version of this movie for 2 bucks and figured someone out there in the world must want this so why not pick it up. Since I hadn’t seen the movie it made sense to watch it before we parted ways and I realized about 10 minutes in that this totally counts as marathon fodder so while perhaps I would have chosen a different movie to be the penultimate installment of this, instead we get Act of Valor. Sorry for the unexciting denouement.

31 Days of Action: Day 29 - Universal Soldier

I wanted to do a Dolph Lundgren movie before this whole marathon was all said and done but I had no idea where to start. Originally I was going to do one of his more recent efforts called The Package but it mostly stars Steve Austin and as much as I would like to continue checking out his work, it felt like three trips to the Steve Austin well during this thing might be overdoing it. Then I remembered buying a copy of Universal Soldier like 6 years ago and never actually watching it. So I got to watch a Dolph Lundgren movie AND finally make good on money I spent over half a decade ago. Everybody wins! Mostly me.

31 Days of Action: Day 28 - Hard Boiled

My god how have I never seen Hard Boiled before?! I knew the stories about it, I knew it was featured on damn near every list of the greatest action movies, a copy of it has been sitting on my blu ray shelf for quite some time now, and yet I never sat down and actually watched it. I am so mad at my past self right now as instead of my first viewing, this could have been like my eighth. So much wasted time spent not watching this movie!

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