Trial Runs - Releases for July 29th

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By cbrunet - Posted on 29 July 2009

Trials Runs is a weekly feature where we run through the trial versions of all the latest Xbox Live Arcade games and give our impressions. Then from what we saw in the trial, we let you know whether or not we think it’s worth your hard earned Microsoft points. Keep in mind these are solely quick impressions based on what the trial version allows you to experience, so obviously we won’t be able to comment on some of the full games’ features.

This week on Trial Runs, Curtis stumbles through a fighting game.  Marvel VS Capcom 2 reminds him that he's not very good at fighting games.

Marvel VS Capcom 2

I think I've said it before, but it serves repeating.  I am terrible, just god awful terrible at fighting games.  Sure, the odd time I can find someone my caliber and have a fun time playing some old school Street Fighter 2 or something silly like that, but most of the time I just pass.  Therefore, it may seem strange that I am Trial Running Marvel VS Capcom 2, but too bad, I'm doing it anyways.

Luckily for me Drea is also terrible at fighting games, and we had the pleasure of timing out about 6 rounds before we both had enough.  The game is fun, and from the trial, seems to have a great steeple of characters.  You choose from 3 of 6 characters (in the trial) and compete either online or against a local opponent.  There are no single player modes present in the trial.

The formula itself is your standard 2D fighter; light and heavy punches and kicks plus the odd grab are strung together until someone is victorious, though neither of us could ever do that and we always ran out of time.  There are special "hyper" moves as well, though we both could not figure out how to pull them off, and if I have to look them up, then they are not worth mentioning.

Should you buy the full version? – I think a single player mode would be perfect for people of my skill level, or at least a lot more local friends.  The general reader will not find an opponent online that would match their skill.  With over 50 playable characters though, there should be something for everyone, as long as you have the right competition present.

Final Verdict - Love fighting games or have lots of friends around your skill level?  BUY IT!  Neither of those?  Don't.

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I'm happy that you'd give this game another try ;)

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