Patrice D├ęsilets Returns to Games; Joins THQ Montreal

By Curtis Brunet - Posted on 19 October 2010

THQ announced today that French Canadian game designer Patrice Désilets would be returning to the games industry after a short sabatical to join their newly formed THQ Montreal studio.  Désilets perviously worked with Ubisoft Montreal, where he brought his creative works to life in the Prince of Persia series, before diving head-first into the world of Assassins Creed.  He was the Creative Director for both titles in the series and worked on the follow up, Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, before taking "a creative break from the industry" before the title was fully unveiled at this years E3.

With the announcement, THQ confirms their arrival into the hotbed of game devellopment that is Montreal Québec, joining such companies as EIDOS, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, A2M and DC Studios to name a few.  THQ believes that "Montreal is recognized for a high concentration of media talent and will serve as a hub for the latest location in THQ's expanding studio system".  THQ Montreal is expected to open its doors next summer, and will "focus on new IP and great games charted by leading industry artists".

Image Credit: UK Resistance - Patrice Désilets w/ Jade Raymond

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